Otter by Sayfullah Tote Bag

Otter by Sayfullah Tote Bag

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"Feelin' Otterific" Tote Bag.
~by Sayfullah 

Off-white eco-friendly canvas Totebag of high durability and washability.

Material: Durable cotton canvas
Size: 34cm(L) x 39cm(H) x 58cm(Handle Length)

Artist's Story
Sayfullah loves animals and one of the creatures that fascinate him is the otter. The Singapore otters disappeared from the local ecosystem in the 1980s but made a comeback in 2012.

Artist: Muhammad Sayfullah
Sayfullah has a cheerful personality & likes being around people especially his family & loved ones. He loves creating colourful & quirky cartoons; a reflection of his joyful nature. Follow him on his Instagram, @artbysayfullah

Designed in Singapore