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File format PDF, JPEG and PNG. For multiple designs, compile all designs into a single PDF.
Instructions for multiple designs on a variant.
e.g. Design A, 2 adult masks. Design B, 1 adult Masks.

Have your design printed on our mask! Send us your image and we will work our magic. All done in-house in Singapore.

Image upload requirements:
High-resolution image. The image will be resized/crop to mask dimensions.

Adult Mask: Ratio 17 : 13
Or within 17cm(W) x 13cm(H)

Children Mask: Crop to Ratio 1.5 : 1
Or within15cm(W) x 10cm(H)

Format: PDF, JPEG or PNG
For multiple designs per variant, compile designs into a single PDF.

Colours may vary slightly from design to print.
Image quality is dependant on the file sent to us.
ie. pixelated or blur image will be reflected on the mask.


100% polyester outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer for comfortable wearing. Each mask comes with elastic adjustable ear loops, two PM2.5 filters and two Alu Nose Bridge strips. Everything comes in its own clean bag.

*Filter goes into the side pocket of the face mask.
*Alu Nose Bridge strip to be inserted through the hole beside the top straps.

Mask Material: 100% Polyester(outer) and 100% Cotton(inner)
Pocket for the filter. A hole for Aluminium Nose Bridge strip
Alu Nose Bridge: Flexible Aluminum
Elastic ear loops: Silicone, black
Bag: Polypropylene(PP)

Upload a design, choose a quantity.

Submit a design(s) for a variant. To purchase adult and children masks, please add to cart separately.

Scenario 1:
2 Adult mask(Design A), 1 Children Mask(Design B)
-Pick Adult Mask, Quantity 2, upload Design A. Add to Cart
-Pick Children Mask, Quantity 1, upload Design B. Add to Cart.
-: 2

Scenario 2 Multiple Designs:
4 Adult mask(Design A and B), 2 Children Mask(Design C)
-Pick Adult Mask, Quantity 4, upload Design A and B in a single PDF.
Add in the comments section. 3 masks Design A, 1 Mask Design B. Add to Cart

-Pick Children Mask, Quantity 1, upload Design C. Add to Cart.
: 2