Otter by Sayfullah Pouch
Otter by Sayfullah Pouch

Otter by Sayfullah Pouch

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"Feelin' Otter-iffic."
~by Sayfullah 

Large capacity soft linen pouch with wrist sling. Functions as a pencil case, makeup bag or a stylish looking bag to go out for lunch with friends!

Material: Linen
Dimensions: within 15cm x 24cm

Artist's Story
Sayfullah loves animals and one of the creatures that fascinate him is the otter. The Singapore otters disappeared from the local ecosystem in the 1980s but made a comeback in 2012.


Artist: Muhammad Sayfullah
Sayfullah has a cheerful personality & likes being around people especially his family & loved ones. He loves creating colourful & quirky cartoons; a reflection of his joyful nature. Follow him on his Instagram, @artbysayfullah

Designed in Singapore