Roll Face Mask
Roll Face Mask
Roll Face Mask
Roll Face Mask
Roll Face Mask

Roll Face Mask

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"Roll" full print two-layered structured face mask, 100% polyester outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer for comfortable wearing. Each mask comes with elastic adjustable ear loops, two PM2.5 filters and two Alu Nose Bridge strips. Everything comes in its own clean bag.

*Filter goes into the side pocket of the face mask.
*Alu Nose Bridge strip to be inserted through the hole beside the top straps.


Mask Material: 100% Polyester(outer) and 100% Cotton(inner)
Pocket for the filter. A hole for Aluminium Nose Bridge strip
Alu Nose Bridge: Flexible Aluminum
Elastic ear loops: Silicone, black
Bag: Polypropylene(PP)

Adult Mask 13cm x 17.8cm(±5mm tolerance)
Children Mask 10cm x 15.4cm(±5mm tolerance)

Designed in Singapore