Tweetheart by Sayfullah Pin Badge

Tweetheart by Sayfullah Pin Badge

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"You're my Tweetheart" Pin Badge.

Each of our pin badges comes with a fun or positive message that will surely brighten up your day. A simple yet fun gift for all sorts of occasion.

P.S. There's a little surprise waiting for you in there too. ;-)

Artist's Story
This design is based on his pet bird. The whistling and tweets from it make his heart happy. Hence the "you're my tweetheart"! 


Artist: Muhammad Sayfullah
Sayfullah has a cheerful personality & likes being around people especially his family & loved ones. He loves creating colourful & quirky cartoons; a reflection of his joyful nature. Follow him on his Instagram, @artbysayfullah

Material: Acrylic w/ Safety Bar Pin
Dimensions: within 4.5cm x 4.5cm

Designed in Singapore